Four new jobs for AI tech company

Perfect Virtual, which specialises in making data and Artificial Intelligence software simpler to increase a business’ profit margins, has launched a base in Staffordshire and is now looking to take on 4 new members of staff.

Run by Rohit Parmar-Mistry the firm has been supporting businesses around the world for the last two years helping to implement hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cost savings.

However, Rohit is now keen to bring the model to his hometown in Burton to support the growing industry here in the Midlands. He wants to show how data led choices can make a huge difference to not only larger multinational companies but SMEs too.

He said: “There are a lot of universities offering AI for business courses here in the Midlands and we have a wealth of experienced individuals. However, there aren’t that many companies offering graduates the opportunity to use their expertise so many are moving away to use their skills in other areas.

“I want to change that and help people to understand more about the technology which is helping businesses to drive sales and raise profits. By offering more graduates the opportunity to keep their skills here in Staffordshire we hope Perfect Virtual will help raise awareness of this game changing technology.”

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, in business refers to the use of intelligent computer software to provide predictions to boost revenue, improve customer experience, increase productivity and drive business growth.

Perfect Virtual uses a range of specialist software which analyses a business’ data to look at ways that it can be more productive in order to dramatically boost profits. It looks at determining the best lead generation opportunities, who to target and how to convert sales.

In the last year Perfect Virtual has worked with a direct to customer business to boost their sales. They saw an increase in weekly sales of 20% after just 21 days. By further enhancing their customer retention and picking the right product for their clients they have also increased their client’s lifetime value by 50 times – meaning each customer will spend on average 50 times more with the company than before.

Rohit, who lives in Stapenhill with his wife and daughter, trained as an economist at Bath University before going on to work at leading financial firms including Credit Suisse, UBS, Hiscox and Royal London.

In 2017 he started Perfect Virtual working for international firms with most of his work in the USA. Traditionally most of Rohit’s clients are large multi-national companies that have a wealth of data on their client base but aren’t necessarily making the most of that information but he is seeing a growing interest from smaller businesses.

Rohit helps to provide indepth analysis which can be used to guide business growth and support calculated decision making within the company in real-time.

“The service is popular in America where it is very common place but we find the approach here in the UK is still relatively new,” says Rohit.

“Unfortunately, there are misconceptions around it being too difficult to do and only reserved for multinational companies.

“This couldn’t be further from the truth, and we have found smaller companies can actually react more quickly to predictions with instant results in real-time proving invaluable for the business.”

Rohit now wants to help more local businesses to feel the benefits of AI and data services by showing simple ways for businesses of all sizes to truly understand their clients, products or services to drive profits.

“Perfect Virtual focuses on specific business outcomes to drill down and pick the right leads to maximise the most amount of revenue and profits

“We are able to show businesses an indepth analysis of their clients, products or services in real-time. This information is invaluable in making the right decisions to maximise revenue and profits.”

More information on the new data analyst and content creator roles is available by contacting or by visiting

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