smallbiz100 for 2018

#SmallBiz100 success!

We have been following the announcements of this year’s #SmallBiz100 with great excitement!

It’s always inspiring to read about the huge variety of innovative, independent businesses around the UK and each year since Small Business Saturday launched in the UK in 2013.

Small Business Saturday is celebrated in the UK on the first Saturday in December, which means that this year it will happen on December 1. But, it is a year-round initiative, which aims to make people think about supporting local, small, independent businesses.

Each year the team at Small Business Saturday HQ chooses 100 small companies or sole traders – from the UK’s five million-plus – to be featured one a day in the last 100 days leading up to Small Business Saturday.

We’ve always been keen to make people aware of the opportunity this brings to promote your business on a national stage. Two of our founder members are SmallBiz100 alumni: Elaine Pritchard was in the 100 in 2015 and Tilley Bancroft in 2017.

In 2016, magician Jack Dent made the 100. So on June 1 this year, the three of them came together to hold a free meeting at Burton’s Holiday Inn Express to make local business owners aware of the #SmallBiz100.

So, imagine our delight when we found out that THREE of the businesses that attended that get-together made the 2018 list!

On September 12, Enlighten had its day in the spotlight.

Enlighten is an award-winning Staffordshire-based technology business with a purpose. It uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to help institutions and organisations with e-learning solutions. Not only that, but its mental health campaign is saving lives and it is influencing multi-national companies by using immersive technologies to solve problems and streamline processes.

We were also pleased to see wellbeing business Lisa Satchwell Energetics and bid writer, coach and trainer Rachel Hayward of Ask The Chameleon at our June session.

Along with Enlighten, they both applied for the #SmallBiz100 and were successful. Lisa’s Tutbury-based business will have its day in the spotlight on Friday, November 9, which is also the day when the national Burton Small Business bus tour comes to Burton. Local business Ask the Chameleon will be featured across social media on its day, which will be Sunday, November 25.

We’re also delighted to have close links with a fourth member of this year’s #SmallBiz100. On October 19 you will get the chance to find out more about a business run by Sue Tonks, whose inspirational presentation about networking kicked-off this year’s Burton Small Business conference.

Sue is the enthusiastic entrepreneur who created HydroVeg Kits in her back garden in the Midlands.

HydroVeg Kits are Hydroponic gardens for homes and schools. This is gardening of the future. Vegetables and flowers can grow 365 days of the year with no digging, weeding, slugs, snails and waters itself.

Because of its design, it is fabulous for schools, people with mobility difficulties and people who can’t manage gardens anymore. For schools it allows vegetables to be grown ALL through the school year.

Sue’s BIG plan is to develop the kits to work in the developing world as the yield and speed of growth is amazing and needs little water.

You’ll be able to meet Lisa, Rachel and Elaine when the Small Business Saturday bus tour rolls into Burton Marketplace on Friday November 9 between 10am and 2pm.

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