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Strength in numbers at conference

We are delighted to announce the next of the nine presentations taking place at our Burton Small Business conference at Burton-on-Trent’s Pirelli Stadium on Wednesday, September 12.

A session called “Strength in numbers: how to work collaboratively to gain more business” will be jointly presented by three local businesses: Sookias Media, Seventy Three Design and Mediabox Productions.

 It is often said that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In this session, you will discover how working collaboratively can enable you to gain more business and larger contracts.

Learn how Sookias Media, Seventy Three Design and Mediabox Productions have achieved this in practice and take away their top tips for successful collaboration.

The three presenters are:

Hannah Sookias | Marketing Consultancy and Training | Sookias Media

Vicki Lovegrove | Brand Identity and Graphic Design | Seventy Three Design

Ruth Jackson | Video and Animation | Mediabox Productions

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