Burton Small Business survey

Burton small businesses reveal the help they want

The businesses behind Burton Small Business got together in 2014 for two main reasons: to promote the Small Business Saturday campaign locally and to plug any gaps that we were told about in the local business networking and events scene.

Recently, to check that we were achieving our aims and to help us plan events for 2018, we ran a short survey asking just five questions and can now unveil the results.

It was great to find that 80% of those who replied said they had heard of the Small Business Saturday campaign.

We asked what business-related subjects people felt they needed more information about, There were no pre-set answers to choose from, so people could describe exactly what they felt they needed. Some 35% of respondents gave answers that were around public relations (PR), marketing, promotions and social media.  The next biggest category was around tax, funding and finances, with 30% saying they needed more information on these subjects. Some 7% were still concerned about the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the remaining respondents suggested sales, networking, IT, administration and technical subjects.

When we asked people to describe the help and support they needed for their business to grow and prosper, some 28% cited PR, marketing, promotions and social media. Finance, funding and tax were named by 18% of respondents. Another 18% said networking and making new connections was the help they needed most. Support and administration help were suggested by 14% while another 14% wanted help with sales and finding new clients. IT, website, technical and legal subjects got a handful of mentions.

We also asked what day of the week would suit most people if we hosted a third annual conference for local businesses in 2018 and Wednesday was the most popular day of the week.

The final question we asked was who had attended events we have organised in the past. Just 43% had been to one or more while 57% had not been to any. Twenty per cent of respondents had been to at least one of our MeetUp at Marstons’s networking events in 2017. Some 17% had attended our 2016 conference at the Pirelli Stadium and just over 33% had been to our 2017 conference at Marston’s Brewery.

Elaine Pritchard of Caittom Publishing, one of the Burton Small Business founders, said: “This information is really helpful and we are very grateful to everyone who took the time to complete the online survey. We are holding a free drop-in event on June 1 to tell local businesses more about Small Business Saturday and the opportunity to apply to be in this year’s #SmallBiz100 and I am delighted to have been invited to speak about Small Business Saturday to the women of the Love Ladies Business Group in late May.

“We are hoping to run a business conference again in Burton – so keep checking this website and our social media for details that will be finalised in the comings weeks. We will certainly use the information businesses gave us about the help they need to choose high quality speakers for the event.

“If you have any more thoughts you want to share, please email us at info@burtonsmallbusiness.co.uk.”

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