Chaos in Camelot for Financial Advisor

UPDATE: Meet Jon at a book signing, reading and launch at Langan’s Tearooms, George Street, Burton-on-Trent, at 1 pm on Saturday, May 26.

A financial advisor from Burton has his first novel published on June 1 – and it’s a world away from his day job.

Chaos in Camelot, by Jon Carvell, is a comic fantasy tale based on the legends of King Arthur.

Jon, who is married with two children, runs Outwoods Financial Planning. He said he wrote the story 15 years ago, just for himself and a couple of friends.

He explained: “I have always had a love of comedy and turning situations on their head. I remember that this particular story started with the idea that Merlin could have been a con artist rather than a wizard and that legend has gone on to tidy up his image.”

Jon said: “I have always written as a hobby.  As a child, I wanted to be a writer but never felt the confidence to get my work out there.  Then, as I grew up, I fell into a career in banking, started managing people, qualified as a financial advisor, was a long-time employee, got made redundant and then started my own practice providing advice and services.

“I spend so much time being serious, dealing with facts and calculations that the writing has always acted as a bit of a release for me.”

Chaos in Camelot tells the story of a modern-day anti-hero, Frank, who finds himself thrust back in time with the onerous task of preventing probably the most famous affair of legend between Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere.

Jon’s first published novel came about after a chance meeting, in the line of work, with Lisa Greener from Green Cat Books.

“Lisa asked if I had ever considered writing anything and so I told her about my hobby.  Then she managed to convince me to forward her a manuscript, which I found truly terrifying as I had only ever written for myself. She read it and said that she would like to publish it.  A few edits and a wonderful cover illustration done by the local artist Heather Horsley later, and here we are.”

Chaos in Camelot is a farcical comedy filled with jousts, jesters and jokes, which gives an entirely new and unique perspective on the Arthurian legends.

Published by Green Cat Books it is available to order from, Etsy, Waterstones online and Amazon for £8.99.

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