Small Business Saturday Pledges


A feature of our first small business conference, held at Burton’s Pirelli Stadium in October 2016, was the invitation to local businesses to make a pledge for Small Business Saturday.

Here are some of the pledges we received:

I promise to shop locally with small independent traders. I promise to support small businesses by engaging with them on social media. 

Joanna Parkin, Four Oaks Legal Services

 I pledge to introduce small local businesses to others who could use their services.

Susan Gardner, Meta-Well-Being

 I pledge to offer a 20% discount on advertising in the January 2017 issue of Lots for Tots South Staffordshire for any small business attending this conference. 

Nadine Peatfield, Lots for Tots

Personally I promise that I will support small business in some way every time I shop. As a Business I promise to support my fellow small businesses by sharing their Social Media posts as often as I can to spread their message far and wide, and by recommending them through word of mouth to my clients. 

Clare Hodson-Walker, Stratus Education

 I pledge to support local businesses through help, support and guidance relating to their marketing and business growth. I will also offer 15% discount to any new small business contracts commissioned in the months of Nov and Dec 16. I pledge to promote small businesses to my network of contacts and introduce them to potential new clients in my tribe. 

Lindsey Newman-Wood, Passion Marketing

I pledge to introduce small businesses I already work with to others that could use their services. 

Rebecca Head, Four Oaks Legal Services

To offer all small businesses with up to 30 employees a standard contract of employment for £250 + VAT or a free one-hour consultation regarding an employment law issue (between 12 Oct – 11 Nov 2016, within 15 mile radius of Burton). 

Sonia Bhola, Keystone Law

I pledge to offer all the attendees at the conference a 25% discount on individual development coaching or consultancy work commissioned before 30 November 2016. 

Andrew Deighton, AWD Development Solutions

I will support Small Business Saturday by continuing to be a Small Business Saturday UK Champion for the second year running. I will continue to print free flyers for the events happening in Derby and Burton (already done – woohoo). I will host a Small Business Saturday UK event at Derby City Council, completely free of charge with talks, an exhibition and free workshops, with an Q&A session where small business owners and start-ups can source help and support. In the run up to 3 December, like last year, I will be visiting as many small, independent retailers in Derby’s City Centre to find out what help and support they need and signpost them wherever possible. So for Small Business Saturday UK 2016, I shall be busy.  

Yvonne Gorman, Essential Print Services

I promise to share small Burton businesses on my page in December. 

Ruth Redgate, Hunnypot Cottage

I will recommend the services of my fellow small business owners as much as possible. 

Lindsay Corten, Corten Editorial

I pledge to support small businesses with their admin. 

Ruth Cringle, Admin Eilte

I pledge to recommend small businesses I work with to others and grow the local business network. 

Gayle Edwards, GE Copywriter

I will retweet tweets tweeted by Burton businesses. 

Joanne Cooper, Joanne Cooper Photography

We pledge to help small businesses by signposting them to the help they need through our funded growth hub service. 

Pam Wallis, Burton Chamber of Commerce

We pledge to help small businesses grow by signposting them to the help they need. 

Mike Litting, Certax Accounting

I pledge to offer all customers 20% off all purchases on 3rd December 2016. 

John Richardson, The Abbots Deli

Provide free consultation plus 10% discount for any work commissioned. I will also support local business and refer them to other businesses. 

Sue Mitchell, Bluebell Business Services

I pledge to offer my customers a 20% discount for new work commissioned between 28th November 2016 to 12th December 2016. 

Anna Prays, Anna Prays Photo Studio

We will utilise the services of other small business to do further set-ups to our new business. 

Helen Hall, Jamie Hall Jewellery Design

I pledge to help small businesses to attract new customers and increase their sales. 

Chris Towland, Local Marketing Solutions

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